Monday, August 1, 2011

Bog.....I mean Blog!

OK - I said I would never start a blog but here I am.

Now what?  Here is a little about me.....

I have been married for 21 years, I have 2 boys - 16 & 18 (11 days away from 19 actually), I work at my church as their Financial Secretary, I work for my husband's business doing all the administrative/billing work, I work for NYT Best Selling Author MaryJanice Davidson AND I sell my handmade bracelets, soaps, and incense on Etsy!

I love reading and kayaking.  I am blessed to live on the St. Croix River and have 2 kayaks down at the river so I can kayak whenever the mood strikes!

I am busy preparing for the Afton Art Fair in September.  Making bracelets, soap or incense nearly every day lately!  Here are a couple of my new favorite soaps:

I would love it if you would stop by my Etsy shop and take a look around!

I am offering a 10% discount to all my blog subscribers through the month of August!  Use code BLOG10 at checkout. 

Feel free to ask me questions or to suggest topics for me to talk about!

Take care and God Bless,



  1. WAHOO!! Welcome to the club!! I am your first follower, how EXCITING!! I have a blog too and would love to see you there!!

  2. Welcome to blog land.... I am so excited to follow you. Follow me as well if you like.

    Love the swirls in the lilly of the valley soap!