Friday, September 9, 2011


I saw a blog posting today that was talking about when do you have enough inventory?  That got me worried - do I have enough?  Besides selling on Etsy (trying!), I have been selling weekly at a local Farmers Market and I will be part of a large Art Fair at the end of the month.  I currently have almost 40 different soaps in varying amounts - anywhere from 1 bar to 20!  Here is a picture of my inventory closet.

Every bucket is a different kind of soap.  I also have a few odds and ends soaps that are not in buckets. are a couple pics of soaps I have curing:

Blackberry/Almond ~ Lavender ~ Patchouli
Papaya/Coconut ~ Wake Me up Before You Go Go (remake) - Apple Cinnamon (remake)
I also have 6 kinds of incense that I have quite an inventory of. 

And bracelets!  Oh my, do I have bracelets!  I have stopped listing all the new bracelets I am making until after the Art Fair just to save a little time, energy and money!  I have about 120 bracelets listed on Etsy and another 15 not listed with supplies to make even more.

Is it enough?  Time will tell!



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