Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Made Ugly Soap!

I know not every soaping experience is going to be good - I get it!

But it is really hard to take when things turn out....well.....ugly!  I think I get the "Ugliest Soap Award" today!  Although this smells amazing - huckleberry - it turned out nothing like I planned!

I was smart (this time) and read up on this particular fragrance oil so I knew what to expect and planned accordingly.  Ha!  Well, so much for planning!  I knew once I added the fragrance oil, my soap would yellow and turn a little brown - so I decided to mix some purple mica into part of the recipe and swirl the natural soap with a little purple.  Sounds cool, right?!  Ummmmm.....things didn't go as planned!  This soap completely siezed on me and turned into ugly blogs of yellow and certainly not purple soap!  I managed to get the two colors into my soap mold and am hoping for the best when I cut it tomorrow.  So much for my lovely purple swirl!  Sigh.  I hate when soaping doesn't go according to MY desires!

Ok....wanna see?  I may just sell this as Ugly Soap!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Soapy Updates

Just a quick little update.......

I have been very busy expanding the soap selections in my shop!  I now have lip balms and incense as well.  I am phasing out bracelets hence the name change!

Did you notice the new name?  Formally known as Tracy's Bracelets & Soaps - I am now Faith, Soaps & Love!  I am totally love the new name and new Etsy shop banner & avi!

Here is a little video I did yesterday of my soap room!  I hope you enjoy it!  tracy