Sunday, February 14, 2016

Change is never easy..............

I hope everyone is enjoying winter.  I personally am done with all this cold weather!  I cannot wait for summer to be able to kayak yet again.

I am working hard to make my business a better place for everyone.  After a ton of soul searching and praying, I have decided to cut back on how many different soaps I offer.  It doesn't do either of us any good if I have over 70 selections!  It is hard on you trying to decide which to purchase and it is hard on me keeping up making all those different soaps and purchasing all the various ingredients to make them.
So, I have culled my selections and have created a new section in my shop called Seasonal/Short Run so you will know which soaps won't be part of my permanant collection.  This is the time to stock up on any of your favorites that may be included in that section.  I am not saying I will never make these soaps again as I likely have what I need in terms of ingredients already, I just won't offer these year round.  I will have maybe 10 soaps that are changing due to season.  Currently there are about 30 - 40 like this!
I am also pushing hard at getting the wholesale part of my business off the ground.  I have selected eight soaps that I will wholesale and have been making these soaps in large quantities to prepare for my launch!  Prayers are appreciated!  This is scary to have hundreds of one kind of soap just sitting here!
As an incentive for you to purchase these Seasonal/Short Run Soaps, I would like to offer you a coupon!  You will get 15% off any soaps that are in the Seasonal/Short Run Section with coupon code NEWBEGINNINGS.  This offer will run the remainder of February and is currently just for newsletter subscribers & blog readers.  I will make it public this week.
Thank you guys for all your support and prayers!
Here are just a few of the soaps that will be leaving: