Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jumping Ship! Yes, I am leaving Etsy.....for now!

I have been giving this a ton of mental energy lately and it has not been an easy decision.

As many of you know, I got my start on Etsy in 2010 and have had great success there.

So why leave?  There are numerous factors but the main one is their fees.  You may not know this but Etsy charges a fee to list an item.  They also charge a percentage when that item sells (they also include postage on that total)!  For me, that means right off the top they are taking .20 to list one bar of soap then they take .54 as their percentage on the back end!  That is .74 per bar of soap that Etsy takes from me!  That is just too much.  On top of all this, each listing is only good for four months.  If an item hasn't sold during that time, it expires unless I spend another .20 to renew it. 

I have had my own website for about three years that I am hoping to get all my Etsy followers to move over to it.  This is actually another reason I am choosing to leave - maintaining two sites with my inventory is driving me nuts!  lol  I am forever having to balance having some product listed on each site and then making sure what I sell at my weekly market or any shows gets accounted for on both sites!  Overselling on something like soap is a problem because it takes at least 4 weeks to cure so I can't just make it & send it off!   I spend way too much time balancing the two sites; having only one site will make my life much easier.    Also, my website has a flat per month fee:  no charges to list, no charges to sell.

Ok.  Maybe I am giving you more info than you really care to know.  Maybe I am being fussy.  Maybe I am shooting myself in the foot by leaving Etsy!  Time will tell.  I will say that this is just a test.  If I get to feeling like it was a mistake, I will go back.

Thank you for all your support!