Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's In A Name

What is Faith?  Faith is a strong belief in God based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.  It is intangible;  it isn't something can touch or hold.

What is Love?  Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.  Again, not something you can pick up and hold!

That leaves Soap.  What is soap?  Soap is comprised of three basic elements:  Lye, Oil and Water.  In ancient days, lye was made from wood ash.  Wood ash that may have come from the fires from animal sacrifices to Christ.  This wood ash mixed with the grease/oil from the animals being sacrificed.   Christ is the water of life.  

It comes full circle that Faith, Soaps & Love combines all these things to come up with a physical item that can be used to share the gospel and cleanse your body at the same time!

Soapy News

I have spent the last eight weeks working behind the scenes on product names & descriptions.  You will see many soap names changing to better reflect our business and to comply with labeling regulations.   Names like Lily of the Valley are not acceptable so I have changed it to Devotion.  What a pain!  Many of the name changes will happen as I restock the soap so I don't have to re-wrap and re-label every soap.  Speaking of Lily of the Valley, Devotion is now listed for sale!

Devotion Handcrafted Soap - Lily of the Valley Scented
Another fun new item in the shop is Soap Rocks.  These cute little rocks are made from all the soap scraps I had from beveling soap.  They are a fun way for kids to bathe or great for in the soap dish in your rustic bathroom.  They will only be around for a little while as I used up all my scraps so I can't make more for a while.

Soap Rocks

  Thank you for all your ongoing support of Faith, Soaps & Love!  I truly appreciate it.


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